Message from the Head

Dear Students;
The role and importance of the financial services sector in the world is increasing day by day with globalization and the sector needs well-educated individuals.
The main purpose of our Finance and Banking department is to train students with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to increase the efficiency of the financial sector and to gain individuals who can meet the needs of the sector. For this purpose, individuals who aim to develop their own innovative and analytical solutions are trained to the repetitive problems of the sector by establishing close contact with the sector in order to follow the needs. The department also aims to give students awareness of the environment, ethical values ??and social responsibility.
In our department, theoretical and practical training is given to students planning to work in the field of finance and banking. Finance and Banking Department; It is designed to make students careers in banks, brokerage houses, corporate companies' accounting and finance departments, insurance companies, risk management, leasing, factoring, forfaiting and other related fields.
In addition to our well-equipped and friendly academicians, it is ensured that the experienced managers from the business world participate in the classes or activities, and the students are intertwined with the business world. In the last semester, it is aimed to support theoretical knowledge with practical applications with on-the-job training (compulsory internship).
In summary, our department; It focuses on raising individuals who harmonize theory and practice for financial transactions, adopt financial concepts, have the ability to make quick decisions and think, and have strong ethical and social aspects. In this context, we welcome you to our Finance and Banking Department to prepare you as qualified individuals needed by the banking and finance field.